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A success for the 50th Granfondo Matildica

A success for the 50th Granfondo Matildica


Sunday 17 July 2022


About a thousand participants started from Piazza della Vittoria in the morning of Sunday, July 17. At 7:00 a. m. the start of the 50th Granfondo and Mediofondo Matidica, valid as a European championship, was given by the Reggio Emilia Municipality’s sports councillor, Raffaella Curioni, and the president of the Reggio Emilia Sports Foundation, Mauro Rozzi. At 7:30 a. m. , instead, the cyclists, about 200, who took on the shorter course, started.


A bubbly and active Reggio Emilia presented itself to the participants who arrived from all over Italy, and from 16 other countries, despite the sultry heat typical of the Po Valley the cyclists were not discouraged and crowded Piazza della Vittoria already since Saturday with the activities of the event program; enthusiasm culminated today with the arrival at the finish line of the participants, which was followed by the pasta party and the awards ceremony for a moment of fun and conviviality.


Roberto Camorani, president of ASD Cooperatori, the event’s organizing association, expressed himself as follows at the end of the event: "I thank the participants who arrived from near and far for accepting our invitation to compete in the provincial territory of Reggio Emilia, to discover it by pedaling on the roads and climbs scattered throughout our Apennines. Thanks to all the institutions, which supported us, to the municipalities that hosted us and to all the volunteers who have been working for weeks on the realization of the event. This is the culmination of a journey that began more than a year ago. For us, bringing the Granfondo back to the historic center of Reggio Emilia was crucial and a symbolic return to the golden years of cycling. "


Among the many cyclists who became European champions in the various categories were two foreigners: Estonian Kristi Kuldkepp and Swiss Felix Widmer. The attached photos then show the arrival at the finish line of the winner of the absolute Granfondo Matildica Matteo Cigala and the award ceremony of the women’s absolute Granfondo Matildica composed of Elena Cairo, Maria Elena Palmisano and Anna Biani, awarded by the family of Valentino Iotti.


Here are the winners entered in the UEC Championship (European Championship of Mediofondo and Granfondo) divided by category, awarded by Luca Vecchi (Mayor of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia), Raffaella Curioni (local councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia), Giammaria Manghi (Head of the Political Secretariat of the Presidency of the Emilia-Romagna Region) and UEC President Enrico Della Casa.


WOMEN mediofondo

50-54 Isonni Luisa 3:42.04                 ASD Boario

55-59 Cappiello Olga 3:47.49            Team De Rosa Santini  

60-64 Emaldi Gabriella 4:20.35         Vivo-MGK-VIS Dal Colle

65-69 Magro Nicoletta 4:53.21         G.S. Prasecco Biesse


WOMEN: granfondo

19-34 Kuldkepp Kristi 5:32:55                       Peloton (ESTONIA)

35-39 Palmisano Maria Elena 4:56.06          ASD Garda Scott Matergia

40-44 Cairo Elena 4:51.29                             Tranchese Cycling

45-49 Figlioli Federica 5:52.42                      ASD Pedale rosa


MEN: mediofondo

50-54 D’Ascenzo Wladimiro 3:16.25             Hair Gallery Cycling Team

55-59 Socciarelli Carlo 3:32.17                      Team Bike Emotion

60-64 Colage’ Stefano 3:26.27                      Team Bike Emotion

65-69 Widmer Felix 3:41.56                          RV Ehrendingen (SVIZZERA)

70-74 Rivaroli Giancarlo 4:01.39                   UC Petrignano ASD

>75 Compagnin Renzo 5:38.58                      GS Praseccobiesse


MEN: granfondo

19-34 Scaia Giulio 4:18.49                 Vivo-MGK-VIS Dal Colle

35-39 Miotto Andrea 4:18.50            Team Asnaghi Granfondo

40-44 Houben Kristof 4:19.38           Storex Baiata Cycling

45-49 Sammassimo Moris 4:19.42    Team Battistini Amici della bici


Instead, here are the overall winners of the entire Granfondo Matildica:


1° Isonni Luisa 3:42.04

2° Calvi Di Coenzo Eleonora 3:47.16

3° Cappiello Olga 3:47.49


1° Pomoshnikov Sergei 3:16.19

2° Sartori Riccardo 3:16.21

3° Spiazzi Davide 3:16.23


1° Cairo Elena 4:51.29

2° Palmisano Maria Elena 4:56.06

3° Biani Anna 5:00.23


1° Cigala Matteo 4:18.48

2° Elettrico Tommaso 4:18.48

3° Carlini Ettore 4:18.49


At the conclusion of the event, of course, thanks go to all the volunteers and to the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, which welcomed the event back with open arms, who made it possible to hold the 50th edition of the Granfondo Matildica, named after Valentino Iotti.


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