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The Granfondo opens to cycle tourists : here is the short course

The Granfondo opens to cycle tourists : here is the short course


Monday 04 April 2022


The Granfondo Matildica opens its doors to cycle tourists, with a special gift for all cycling enthusiasts who will be able to ride on the beautiful hills of Reggio Emilia by presenting a simple certificate of sporting fitness. On the occasion of the 50th edition of the historic competition, which will be staged on July 17, the Cooperatori (organizer of the event) has opened a third route, namely” the short” , of 68 kilometres (with 650 meters of elevation gain) that will stand alongside “the medium” (121 kilometres) and” the long” (149) designed more for the European championship of ’granfondo’ and ’mediofondo’, or for agonists. The shortest route is designed for any pedalling enthusiast. The requirements are simple: you only need to be fit for sport, unlike the medium and long routes - where fitness for high-frequency cardiovascular sport is required -, a hard hat and a desire to enjoy a wonderful day on the pedals.

The price is also enviable. The registration fee of 20 euro includes the race package (with typical products from Reggio Emilia and supplements), registration fee, insurance, supplies/restorations, medical assistance, means of recovery and pasta party. There is no ranking for cycling tourists (although there are still points up for grabs for the ’Circuito Due Cime’), which is why the amount does not include the commemorative race gadget and above all the mechanical assistance along the route, reserved primarily for athletes who will also compete for the title of European champion for ’granfondo’ and ’mediofondo’ on the 121 and 149 kilometre routes.

Signing up is easy: just fill in the form available on the Granfondo website (, send it to Cooperatori together with the medical certificate, the copy of the bank transfer ( or through the Endu portal ( It will also be possible to register in extremis on 15 and 16 July directly on site, with an upward price of 29 euros.

The route. The departure is confirmed from Piazza della Vittoria at 7.30 am (while the agonists will start at 7 am). Then Albinea, Quattro Castella, San Polo and Ciano where he will start the only real roughness of the path, or the ’climb of the smile’ dedicated to Michele Scarponi that will arrive in Canossa, where it is also fixed the full refreshment, before descending to the church of Grassano, Quattro Castella and finish back in the centre of Reggio Emilia.

E-bikes. The regulations for cyclists only also provide for the use of e-bikes, also  electric bikes of any type (including mountain bikes).

We would like to remind you that cyclists who are members of the FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) or a sports promotion organization and have a high cardiovascular frequency sports test (more commonly known as a ’competitive sports test’) may also take part in the medium (121 km) and long (149 km) routes. The rules, entry fees and start/finish times are identical, as is the absence of a special ranking (except for the aforementioned ’Due Cime’ points).

Finally, entries for the Uec European Championship, or the competitive competition, continue to remain open, with a reduced fee of 55 euros until 15 April


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