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What a show the Granfondo Matildica Merida!

What a show the Granfondo Matildica Merida!


Sunday 27 August 2023


1200 participants at the start of the Granfondo Matildica Merida 2023, a growing trend compared to many other events and which brought to Reggio Emilia cyclists and companions from all over Italy, indeed from all over Europe and some even from overseas, 19 nations represented.

Raffaella Curioni, Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, gave the start at 7:00 to the competition, while at 7:30 started the cyclists, that is, the non-competitors; the square has been animated since the early hours of the morning, with the dawn acting as a background, both with citizens curious about the activities and with cyclists who wanted to experience the intoxication of passing under the arch of the Granfondo Matildica Merida UCI Granfondo World Series.

The clouds saved the race from the scorching heat, a lowering of temperatures that allowed the cyclists to ride in an ideal climate and perform at their best. On the grid of honor guests of high calibre: Max Lelli, Jury Chechi, Davide Cassani and Giorgio Cimurri, an honor and a pride for the Granfondo Matildica Merida to have them as participants. Silvia Riccò Cornali entertained all the public present in the square alternating moments of news of the race with moments of entertainment for all, gathering the emotions that this event aroused in participants and citizens.

The top finishers (25% of the competitors in each category) qualified for the UCI Granfondo and Mediofondo World Championship to be held in Denmark in 2024.

The absolute winners (Valentino Iotti Trophy) of the middle-distance courses are Viglione Leonardo, Rosselli Francesco and Sartori Riccardo for the men, Bergozza Michela Giuseppina, Gorini Michela and De Cesare Lisa for the women; of the grand-distance courses Raggio Luca, Celano Danilo and Facchini Patrick for the men and Palmisano Maria Elena, Portaluri Giulia and Uber Carlotta for the women.

Also for the Trophy Valentino Iotti were awarded the following companies: MG.K VIS-Dal Colle Re Artù, Argon 18 Hicari Team Max, New Motor Bike ASD, GS Praseccobiesse and Squadrareggio ASD. ASD Roma was awarded for the Vanni trophy

We thank Giammaria Manghi, Head of the Political Secretariat of the Presidency of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Luca Vecchi, Mayor of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Raffaella Curioni, Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Mauro Rozzi, President of the Fondazione dello Sport and Luigi Bellavia Deputy Mayor of Canossa who awarded the various categories

Following are the winners by category:

Men’s midfield Granfondo Matildica Merida:

18-34 Pantano Davide – ASD Zerotest

35-39 Viglione Leonardo – ASD Sanetti Sport – VV.F

40-44 Roselli Francesco – Hair Gallery Cycling Team

45-49 Tagliaferro Mirco – ASD Cicli Rossi

Men’s midfielder valid for UCI Granfondo World Series qualifying

50-54 Ballestri Cristian – Argon 18 Hicari Team Max

55-59 Lelli Massimiliano – ASD Max Lelli

60-64 Shaw Martin

65-69 Zannoni Riccardo – Top Automations Bike Team

70-74 Nollot Marcel

75+ Compagnin Renzo - GS Praseccobiesse

Women’s middle ground Granfondo Matildica Merida:

18-34 Oblinger Laura

35-39 Pillon Liliana – ASD GION’N’DENT

40-44 Lucchi Elisa – Artusiana Bike

45-49 De Cesare Lisa – Highroad Team

Midfield women qualified for UCI Granfondo World Series qualification

50-54 Bergozza Michela Giuseppina – ASD Unleashed

55-59 Perotto Oriella – Alpilatte BR Pneu Zane’

60-64 Gandini Gloria – ASD America Sport

65-69 Magro Nicoletta – GS Praseccobiesse

Granfondo valid men for qualifying UCI Granfondo World Series:

18-34 Ray Luca – Team Piùsport Levante

35-39 Guardians Patrick – Team Sildom Garda

40-44 De Vincenzi Simone – Cycling Calvarese

45-49 Venutolo Saturday Maria – ASD America Sport

Granfondo men Granfondo Matildica Merida:

50-54 Prati Ettore – Italy Nuova Borgo

55-59 Barzanella Mario –

60-64 Fornaciari Fausto – ASD Squadron

65-69 Croci Marcello – ASD Bike 93

Granfondo women qualifying for UCI Granfondo World Series:

18-34 Uber Carlotta - Team Gauss

35-39 Palmisano Maria Elena – ASD Garda Scott Matergia

40-44 De Pizzol Valentina – ASD Armistice Team

45-49 Zuco Valentina – Team De Rosa Santini

Granfondo women Granfondo Matildica Merida:

50-54 Salvi Claudia – Rodman Azimut Team

55-59 Gaiardi Patrizia – ASD Unleashed


Winners of the Ascent of the “Smile” Michele Scarponi – ascent Cavandola Canossa – for foreigners are: Lenehan Marine for women and Betz Simon for men

At the end of the event of course the thanks go to all the volunteers and to the Municipality of Reggio Emilia who welcomed the event with open arms, which made possible the realization of the 51st edition of the Granfondo Matildica Merida.


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