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Take a look at the medium route

Take a look at the medium route


Wednesday 23 March 2022


Have you already had a look at the medium route (121 kilometres with 1,760 metres of elevation gain, 2 refreshment posts and 5 ’water’ points in addition to the final one in Reggio) of the 50th edition of the Granfondo Matildica? As we approach 17 July, the day on which the competition will take place, it could be the right opportunity to start studying the main pitfalls. All the more so considering that on the ’mediofondo’ the European Uec over 50 title will be played out in the various age groups envisaged.


The differences from the last edition start down from the official start: no longer Albinea as in 2021, but Reggio, exactly from Piazza della Vittoria (at 7 am the start). It is no coincidence that the total length has increased (from 105 to 121 kilometres), although spread over a lower elevation gain (from about 2,000 meters to the current 1,760). The first warm-up phase starts in the town centre, along viale Umberto and via Martiri della Bettola, and leads to the ’roundabout at 8’ in Rivalta; turn left into via Fornaciari towards Albinea (12 km) where the climbs that will decide the Granfondo Matildica begin. If last year’s edition moved towards Canossa for the ascent to Trinità, this year the loop will be the other way around: so you start immediately with the climb of ’Cavazzone’ (5.5 km, average gradient of 4.9% with peaks of 10%) to Regnano, before turning right for the dive to ’La Vecchia’ (km 27). Fun fact: at 30 km/h from Reggio it will take 54 minutes to get here, while at 25 km/h it takes ten minutes longer; watch your cyclocomputer!


Passing through Paderna (where there will be the second refreshment point after the one in Regnano) you continue on to Pecorile, where the fearsome climb of Cavandola begins (2.8 kilometres at 10% with peaks of 15%), a crucial point for those who want to attack. After greeting the stele dedicated to Michele Scarponi with a snack at the refreshment point, we climb up along Provincial Road 54-Via Faieto, to turn right (Provincial Road 11) and arrive in Casina along wide, safe roads (50 km) that in 2021 saw the passage of the Giro d’Italia. Reaching La Svolta via Monte Portola begins the ascent towards Castelnovo Monti passing through Felina, thus hitting the exact halfway point of the route. To see if you are in line remember the average speed: in a range from 20 to 35 hours, from Piazza della Vittoria to Castelnovo Monti (65 km) takes 2 hours and 36 minutes at 25 km/ hour, and 2 hours and 10 minutes at 30 km/hour.


The view of the Pietra also means that the ring-route is beginning to turn: the refreshment point at Castelnovo will guarantee an energy snack (the last before Reggio), then the hamlets of Casino, Rosano and Casella will take you as far as Vetto (water refreshment point, kilometre 78). We’re in the final stages: along the Enza stream you continue to descend along Provincial Road 513R to San Polo (99 km), then Quattro Castella (last water refreshment point) and Montecavolo (109 km), before rejoining Rivalta along Via Sant’Ambrogio, before the final plan to return to Piazza della Vittoria on the finish line. Let’s have a last look at the data: at 20 km/h the 121 kilometres will take a little more than 6 hours, one hour less (exactly 4 hours and 52 minutes) going to 25 km/h, and less and less at 30 km/h (exactly 4), up to the remarkable 3 hours and a half for those who will be able to speed at an average speed of 35 km/h.


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